Getting from Inverness to Loch Ness

Loch Ness is just eight miles from Inverness A question often asked by members of the public planning a visit to Inverness is, “how easy is it to get to Loch Ness from Inverness”, so I thought I would try to answer it fully in this article. It is easy to overlook simple things for […]

So where IS Loch Ness exactly?

It’s easy to get to Inverness and Loch Ness! Recently I came across some web statistics relating to Loch Ness searches on Google and couldn’t help noticing how many people have googled the phrase “where is Loch Ness”. If you live here it’s sometimes easy to forget that the world is a huge place and […]

Things you Need to Know Before Coming to Scotland

So, you’re thinking of adding Inverness and Loch Ness to your travel bucket list? After all, where else can you go monster hunting, explore magnificent mountains as well as the seaside, visit castles and battlefields and much more? But if you have not been to Scotland before, you may have a few travel Scotland questions […]

Car-Free Holidays in Inverness and Loch Ness

Many of our Inverness and Loch Ness visitors arrive in the area by air or rail. And although hiring a car is very popular, it’s not a must. Whether you prefer a car-free holiday to help our environment or because you’re a bit wary of driving on the left and on single-track roads, there are […]