Culloden Viaduct

Culloden Viaduct

The Culloden, Clava or Nairn Viaduct

The Culloden Viaduct (also known as the Clava or Nairn Viaduct) is an impressive railway bridge structure. It spans the River Nairn near Clava, about 6 miles from Inverness. And at 1800 feet, is the longest masonry railway viaduct in Scotland, still in regular use for passenger traffic to this day.

Culloden Viaduct History

The Culloden Viaduct arched railway bridge Scotland

The sandstone viaduct, or arched bridge, opened in 1898 as part of the Inverness and Aviemore Direct Railway. It was designed by Murdoch Paterson, Chief Engineer of the Highland Railway. With a central arch over the river, which is 100 ft wide, and 14 arches on either side, all 50 ft wide. Originally, there was a railway station (Culloden Moor) close by, but this closed in 1965. The structure has a category A listed status.

Visiting the Culloden Viaduct

Built on a curve, this amazing piece of engineering has been likened to the more famous Glenfinnan Viaduct (which appeared in the Harry Potter series). Although there is no regular steam train across this one, you can take a regular train. Or, simply view from the road side.

Nearby Attractions

Close up of ancient stone at the Clava Cairns near Inverness

This whole area of Scotland is full of history. You can visit the ancient Clava Cairns burial ground, just a ten-minute walk from Culloden Viaduct. Also, Culloden Battlefield, the site where the 1745 Jacobite Rising came to a tragic end, is about 30 minutes’ walk or a 5-minute drive.


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